Smooth Roller is a ball-rolling game based on smoothly curved surfaces and strategic physics.

Roll the ball from its starting position and make contact with the finishing cylinder.
  • The amount of energy you have in each level is limited.
  • The ball will fall through holes in the surface.
  • Gold blocks will move when hit.
  • Blue pyramids won't budge.
  • Green attractors will pull you towards them.
  • Red repellers will push you away from them.
Be judicious with your energy.
Small bursts of force on the ball are all that is needed.

Have fun rolling.
Look for future versions where more sophisticated camera models and more interesting surfaces are featured.

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Preview levels on YouTube
Preview game play on YouTube

Download the game for Windows and Mac OS below.

Or play in the browser.

Levels included:
  • Slalom
  • Simple bounce
  • Bridge
  • Slim margins
  • A ball must get through
  • Spiral descent
  • Smooth landing
  • Black hole escape
  • Push and pull
  • Side route
  • Fortress
  • Attractor
  • A good bounce
  • Castle gate


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